Woodhue Azure Coronet
(CH Agape's Total Commitment "T.C." x Woodhue Conquistar "Star")

3/2/1990 - 10/15/2003

I know you are in pain,
I hope you understand,
I couldn't let you hurt
When relief was in my hands.

You sat there very trusting
And rested in my arms
You knew that with me
You couldn't come to harm.

I hate that I must do this
You always were my friend
Even through the hard times
Always till the end.

I know that you are happy
You will be waiting for me
Up above with the angels
Waiting patiently.

I love you, Corki.
I'll see you again someday.

-Linda Kepner
Snovali Shelties
Omro, WI

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