Norrie Lake's Secret Agent
(CH Afterhours Snowstorm x Norrie Lake's Birthday Surprise)

8/7/2000 - 4/7/2004

OK, so Spy isn't a sheltie but that doesn't make me miss her any less...

Spy was a very sweet Smooth Collie girl who just got a bad break.  We thought we had found her a nice pet home but shortly after she was placed, she got loose on them and was eventually hit by a car.  When we got her back, she was a bit scraped up but otherwise seemed ok and happy to be home. Unfortunately, she had some severe internal injuries that made her life very miserable and she ended up paralyzed.  She was helped to the bridge with her breeder at hand on April 7, 2004.  

She will always be remembered in our hearts and in her beautiful puppies.

- Linda Kepner
Snovali Shelties & Collies
Omro, WI

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